ISO 9001:2015
    ISO 9001:2015
    ISO 9001 品質管理系統  - 品質的名牌

    ISO 9001 品質管理標準系統提供了一個明確的標準程序,能協助組織發展及提升績效,展現出一流的服務品質。再者 ISO 標準具有權威性,獲得 ISO 9001 驗證不但能免去企業許多稽核,同時也能符合政府的要求及規定。
    若是企業實施 ISO 9001品質管理系統(Quality Management System)認證並成功獲得 ISO 9001 的稽核驗證,能替企業帶來的優勢包括:
    • 顧客導向
    • 領導統御
    • 全員參與
    • 流程方法
    • 組織處境
    • 持續改善
    • 事實決策
    • 風險思維
    ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Name Board of Brand
    The ISO 9001 quality management standard system provides a clear standard procedure that can assist organization development and performance improvement, and demonstrate first-class service quality. Furthermore, the ISO standard is authoritative. Obtaining ISO 9001 certification can not only eliminate many audits of the enterprise, but also meet the requirements and regulations of the government.
    If the company implements the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and successfully obtains the ISO 9001 audit certification, the advantages that can be brought to the company include:
    Customer orientation
    Full participation
    Process method
    Organizational situation
    Continuous improvement
    Factual decisions
    Risk thinking
ISO 14001:2015

    ISO 14001:2015
    ISO 14001 環境管理系統 - 成功的綠色通道
    所有的組織採行環境管理系統以控制環境的衝擊,展現提升組織卓著環境績效的符合性,達成環境、社會及經濟之均衡,對於永續發展、透明和責任等社會期望,已轉變為趨於嚴格的法規;並更加關注對環境污染、資源利用效率低、不當的廢棄物管理、氣候變遷、生態系統惡化和喪失生物多樣性等議題。ISO 組織因應這些期望訂定出 ISO 14001:2015 環境管理系統以供組織有環保的知識工具與技術來管理環境風險。通過ISO 14001認證,您可以:
    • 符合環境法律、法規要求,降低環境風險;
    • 降低能源消耗、環境汙染;
    • 取得綠色通行證,走向國際市場。
    ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - The Green Gateway to Success
    All organizations adopt environmental management systems to control the impact of the environment, demonstrate compliance to improve the organization’s outstanding environmental performance, achieve a balance between the environment, society and the economy. The social expectations for sustainable development, transparency, and responsibility have turned into a trend Strict regulations; and pay more attention to issues such as environmental pollution, inefficient use of resources, improper waste management, climate change, degradation of ecosystems, and loss of biodiversity. In response to these expectations, the ISO organization has formulated the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system so that the organization has environmental knowledge tools and techniques to manage environmental risks. With ISO 14001 certification, you can:
    Comply with environmental laws and regulations and reduce environmental risks;
    Reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution;
    Obtain a green pass and enter the international market.